Pandora Internet Radio, My Go-To Music App and Why

I’ve been listening to Pandora Internet Radio for more than 4 or 5 years now and it is my go-to music app. Here’s why. I like Kpop … a lot! I tried Spotify a while back because practically everyone in the office where I worked used it. At that time, Spotify didn’t have the artists from S Korea or Japan that I listen to regularly. I went with a Pandora Subscription and I’ve never looked back.

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I’ve hear some people complain about the UI, user interface, but it seems really easy to use. Over time that has improved drastically. It’s still sports a really simple interface and I prefer that to Spotify’s player. Also, I think people that use Spotify see it as their basic music player so they are less likely to buy the music. I have iTunes so I don’t need that feature. For me, Pandora Internet Radio is just that … radio. I turn it on and go about my business.

In addition to its simplicity, it has ALL of the artists I like, especially from S Korea. As you can see from the screenshot, S Korea’s R&B artist Zion T isn’t exactly as widely known as (insert cheesy American or Euro pop artist who I refuse to listen to). BUT … after I heard him I did some searching on YouTube (<– preview Zion T’s project Red Light), found his project, reviewed the songs, then went right to iTunes and bought his “CD”. See how that worked out for Zion T? My motto concerning music is, and always will be, “support the artists”. I support these artists twice. Once on Pandora ($4.99 a month subscription) and again with a music purchase. It’s a win-win in my honest opinion.

Learn more about Zion T from one of the leading S Korean sites, The Korean Times.DISCLAIMER: While I lived in Pakistan, I was unable to use the service. Click here to learn more about Pandora Internet Radio and available countries.