Zikar Tikka Restaurant in Main Market, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is alive with restaurants serving a plethora of foods for every palette. I discovered Zikar Tikka while shoe shopping in the Main Market. My favorite dish from their restaurant is malai boti. Each time I visited Faisalabad I always had malai boti at an outdoor eatery. Waqas mentioned that Lahore also has some of the best malai boti so we sat outside and had a huge plate full. I couldn’t get enough. The way it is cooked and the marinade make this dish almost addicting. It’s a taste that haunts your head (in a good way). They also serve grilled fish but I never got around to trying it while I lived in Lahore.

I am the type of person that will listen to a song that moves me over and over until I have had my fill. That is what malai boti does to my tongue. I could eat it every day. The eatery in Faisalabad is really good but Zikar Tikka is my all around favorite. The location is great, the staff are exceptional. I was “a regular” so as soon as I showed up they knew exactly what I wanted.

What is Malai Boti?

Malai means cream. Boti means chicken. The chicken is marinated in malai and special seasonings overnight. Then it is placed on skewers and roasted over coals. We always get chutney, a combination of fresh ground mint and cilantro in fresh yogurt, and use it as a dip. There are a variety of recipes for malai boti and chutney that I found on allrecipes.com. Make sure and use their super handy search feature and type in malai boti or chutney for some great recipes. Another recipe resource is desichef.com.

All photos were taken by Melody Paxton in Lahore Pakistan, 2016. No unauthorized use. Available by request only. To request permission, use the Contact Form.

I did a short video, on my very first visit in fact, with Mubashar Ali, one of the owners of Zikar Tikka. Please watch, like and share. Thanks for your support.

Thanks to Zikar Tikka and Mubashar Ali for allowing me to showcase their amazing food. Sincerely, some of the friendliest people in Lahore. While I lived there I ate there at least twice a week. If you’re in the Lahore area please tell them I said hello! Spread the word!

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