Gulab Jamun at Ahmed Sweet & Bakers, Lahore Pakistan

One of the things that a tourist (or a new resident) loves to explore during their travels is the world of food. Especially indigenous foods from the region where they visit. Since I has just become a dual resident of Pakistan, I decided to try out something new, Gulab Jamun. We went to Main Market, located in Gulberg (an area in Lahore), and visited a bakery called Ahmed Sweet & Bakers. A truly fantastic experience.First, here is a little bit of history about Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun is a brown dessert dumpling traditionally made from khoya and maida dipped in warm rose flavored sugar syrup. Served both hot as well as at room temperature, this dessert can be either dry or moist, dipped in the sweet syrup. Umpteenth number of gulab jamun recipe mixes is available in the market under different brands. This delicacy is served in almost all Indian and Pakistani festivals, parties and celebrations.

Origin of Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun originated from an Arabic dessert and became popular in India and some of the neighboring countries during the time of the Mughals although many believe it to be an Indian recipe of Bengali origin. Gulab means rose and jamun is Hindi the name of a South Asian purple brown fruit. The name is significant as the delicacy is fried to a dark brown color similar to jamun and is soaked in rose flavored syrup.

SOURCE: Read whole article here –> iFood TV

Ahmed Sweets is located in Lahore, Gulberg 3 near Main Market.

All photos were taken by Melody Paxton in Lahore Pakistan, 2016. No unauthorized use. Available by request only. To request permission, use the Contact Form.