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Zikar Tikka Restaurant in Main Market, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is alive with restaurants serving a plethora of foods for every palette. I discovered Zikar Tikka while shoe shopping in the Main Market. My favorite dish from their restaurant is malai boti. Each time I visited Faisalabad I always had malai boti at an outdoor eatery. Waqas mentioned that Lahore also has some of […]

Improving tourism in Pakistan by eliminating trash

I came across this video while I was surfing around on Facebook and it really moved me. Mainly because at the time I was new resident to Lahore. Another reason is because there is a trash problem in Pakistan that is not helpful in improving tourism. There is trash everywhere you look. The honest truth, Americans […]

An American Meeting the Gypsies in Lahore Pakistan

I am an American, needless to say, so there are some things that are both culturally shocking and educational all at the same time. Meeting actual gypsies in Lahore was mind blowing. I don’t want imply that Americans are sheltered, but we’re sheltered. There, I said it. I whole heartedly expected them to be somewhat offended at […]