Digital Ninja For Hire

Melly Gurl

WordPress using the Power of Elementor Pro

My name is Melody, aka MellyGurl. Welcome to my code dojo. I’m a digital ninja who has wielded many weapons within the digital arena. A Techno-Sensei with close to 25 years experience. Need a site built in WordPress? I can do that. Want it to rank? I can do that too. Need photography? Small business marketing? Content writing? Social media management? Yep, all that stuff!  I am affordable, I am fast, and I am reliable.

Remove The Limits Of Your Mind

Website design doesn’t have to be boring, colorless, or static. Release the website designs of the past and embrace the future. Elementor Pro is here to blow your mind. Let the digital chi flow.

Let Your Website Make The Rules Digital Ninja, Weapons in the Digital Realm

It’s YOUR website. It’s time for you set the tone, set the mood, and control the narrative. You deserve a creative marketing partner who reads you, gets you, and understands your goals. Collaboration is creative, exciting, and speaks the language you speak. This ninja has the skills it takes to win the digital war.

Enter The Mind

I have been growing and learning with the internet since 1996. What started out as a way to help people in my sphere of influence quickly developed into a passion for design. Over the course of 2 decades, I have seen website architecture evolve into a digital art form. I design & develop exclusively in WordPress using the world’s most powerful website builder, Elementor Pro. It has changed the way I design websites. All limits are removed. The rest is up to the strategic battleground and an unfettered imagination. Learn more about the tools I use and my work process.